What if...

53 Meditations of the soul

This profound book from Waceke Wambaa is a strategic tool in today’s chaotic world to help you live out your created potential.

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What if... 53 Meditations of the soul


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While there’s a lot of chatter out there about meditation these days, sometimes it feels like the tools we have to deal with some of today’s heavy life issues are inadequate, sorely lacking in direction, meaning, scope and ease of comprehension.

Enter What If…53 Meditations of the Soul.

This book cuts through it all by providing an easy-to-understand meditation framework. You will then use this framework to help you unpack the meditation points proposed in this book to help you on your journey as you cultivate, strengthen and build habits that propel you towards fulfilling your created purpose.

By no means does this book postulate to present an exhaustive list of life’s deepest issues along with their complete resolution. Rather, this compilation of statements is designed to help you start somewhere.

So, WHAT IF you start now?

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What if... 53 Meditations of the soul

Waceke Wambaa

Seeing people thrive and succeed in what they were created to do gives Waceke’s heart joy. She loves people and stories, which turns out to be a natural progression to helping others, as evidenced from her childhood days to her more than 20-year career in healthcare. Both science and the creative find a ready and willing home in Waceke through her current focus as an author, speaker and a voice actor. She loves her family deeply and is that crazy aunt who enjoys entering the realm of the impossibly possible world so readily championed by the little ones in our midst.